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On overseas business Assignments, most executives traveling by road while in state, and sadly this makes them especially tempting kidnapping targets. Observe suspicious vehicles in the region, record license plate numbers and plan escape routes and other routes. Vary your times, Paths, patterns, mode of transport, places and all other activity which may be used to forecast you being at a particular place and time. Make their job harder by not being predictable. Constantly keep alert to your surroundings, and be suspicious. Notice things that seem unusual or potentially harmful. Do not settle into a routine. Continue to change routes and times to and from work or social engagements.

Establish numerous Routes back and out from your place of business, and change your route selections and departure times. Identify your leisure habits like regular restaurants, clubs and shopping facilities you regular. Click to the site to know more details about protection training. Vary the times you visit these locations in addition to the ingress and egress paths you take. Continue to be alert to any signs of surveillance of your hotel, home, office or travel route to and from those places.

Now the Kidnappers have carefully analyzed the executive; he or she could now be categorized as having problem profile. These are a collection of problems that might create the kidnap mission operationally risky or difficult. The goal must present a minimal risk and not present problems. These issues created for the kidnappers contain:

  • Highly Surveillance-conscious goal
  • Trouble gaining access to the target
  • Unfavorable patterns and patterns
  • The target is not punctual or a creature of habit.
  • Cannot travel the same paths to and from work
  • Tough security measures in place trained executive protection
  • Restricted vulnerability
  • Ingress and egress routes to the goal pose problems.
  • Grabbing the goal is an issue.

Pre-surveillance Kidnappers cannot get a fix on your whereabouts, which frustrates the planning efforts of possible kidnappers. The profile would include an analysis of these issues with recommendations. But probably the target you would be deemed unsuitable or operationally infeasible. The kidnappers would divert the executive out of their target list. Kidnappers are not well acceptable for problem-oriented kidnapping methodologies. They will probably choose a more readily accessible target with predictable daily routines and vulnerabilities and kidnap somebody else. Keep safe out there and God Speed.