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Stress is an Unpleasant and intense feeling that the body feels, that may have adverse impacts on health. Stress is an individual response and it is caused by interaction between environmental needs on one hand and the tools, capabilities and possibilities of the person on the other.

Modern life brings More stress on everybody’s life: stress at work, at home, in social relations, in society. The external causes of anxiety refer to pollution, sound pollution, foods containing additives and colours and the inner, psychological triggers are: quarrel, divorce, office activities that cannot be carried out, separation, illness, which trigger an imbalance in the human body. And so, stress symptoms appear: increased respiratory rate to tissue oxygenation, increased muscle tone, increased heart rate.

There are many Solutions to eliminate stress, but a simple one is a healthy and correct nutrition. The option of a healthy eating and proper food can help increase the body resistance to pressure. When we are stressed, rather than eating all sorts of unhealthy foods, we can choose to eat food to facilitate our body.

For example, cabbage Is a really good source of vitamins and antioxidant to banish anxiety, such as vitamin A, vitamin E and C. They fight against the damaging effects of free radicals from the body to release stress hormones. Brown rice includes carbohydrates with slow absorption into the body that trigger release of serotonin and epinephrine which enables the body to better cope with stress by enhancing general mood and vitality.

Sesame seeds reduce Stress by their rich composition. Zinc boosts the metabolism of fatty acids and production of serotonin, which play an essential role in reducing stress. Garlic includes a detoxifying substance which enables the disappearance of physical and psychological stress has antiviral and antifungal properties, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure related to anxiety and helps enhance the overall mood.

Leptoconnect Supplements

From a treatment Against stress you cannot miss the natural food supplements: Spirulina (is a possible antioxidant, regenerating the tissues, raising the body’s defense capability and improving the response to stress), cathine oil has antioxidant properties and it is full of beta carotene. Q10 coenzyme reduces the oxidative stress in coronary degree, and increases the resistance and click to get more details.

Fish oil contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 that protects the central nervous system, provides better transmission of nervous inflow and assists liver action. Rosemary extract functions on the cardiovascular system and improves circulation to the extremities. Garlic tincture is an aid to modulate the cholesterol disturbed by anxiety. If left untreated, stress can influence the day to day functioning of our lives and through long periods of time may have serious consequences in causing diseases.