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Summary: Wedding gift ideas are dime a dozen in the market. Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard however ensures that newlyweds can choose the items that they will really need.

We live in a world of plastic and plastic money is the smart way to pay anyone. In this age, giving cash gifts is a thing of the past. We can now use prepaid gift cards as the perfect gift choice. No one wants to receive small knick-knacks or token gift items. In such a condition wedding gifts are also changing. Vanilla prepaid Mastercard is the best choice for every new couple. It allows them to choose what they want and can be used as per their preference and flexibility.

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Vanilla prepaid card can be used at any store or mall that will take any Mastercard credit or debit card. One can easily spend money by this card on a website, in a grocery store, in a mail order or even on tele-sales. These cards do not need to be activated before making any transaction unlike a regular credit or debit card. Once they make the first transaction, they get activated all by themselves. In the rare care where pre-activation is mandatory, you can activate the card at the merchant from whom you buy the card before handing it in as a gift.

This card is like a prepaid credit card. With every transaction they make, your account gets debited the exact amount of transaction. Once the balance is exhausted, the card becomes unusable. If your card was a fixed value card, it can not be loaded again, though the newlyweds can retain it as a keepsake. They will need to be careful to check transactions on a regular basis. Merchants will not be able to tell balance left in card after a transaction and if there is insufficient balance, the Vanilla prepaid Mastercard will get declined.

There may be some cases where the card will need some extra effort before use. Online transactions are one such factor. Card registration may be required through a telephone call or on a website. Similarly, if you are going to use the prepaid card to purchase gas or diesel, you may have to follow specific instructions before you can swipe the card.

Wedding gifts used to be crockpots or other home appliances. Now the times are changed, and new couples are looking to get gifts of their choice. Many are creating online wish lists of gift items that would help them in their new life. If your newlyweds are also looking for gifts they can use, a prepaid card can help them get just the things they need for their new home.

Prepaid gift cards are easy to use, very safe and almost universally acceptable. They are more socially acceptable than straight cash and at the same time more useful than traditional wedding gifts.