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A cell signal booster works to improve the mobile network on your phone. It is made of three important components- the interior antenna, amplifier and Exterior antenna. This system forms a wireless cellular reception which improves the cellular signals. The exterior antenna is there to capture weak signals of the phone. It is the first important component of a signal booster system. The outside antenna is placed high on the roof of the place where it has to be used.  Normally it comes into two varieties; one is Omni-directional and the second is the Uni-directional antenna. The Omnidirectional antenna catches the signal with an angle of 360 degrees. It is a great performer or you can say an all-around player. Typically it is used for the individuals who have decent signals and wanted to enhance multiple carriers. The uni-directional antenna catches the signal with an angle of 45 degrees. This is much better than the Omni-direction antenna. It is highly recommended to use where the signals are very poor. It only uses to enhance a single carrier.

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The amplifier works to boost the signal that is weak. The amplifier is also known by the term cellular repeater. It is the second important component of the booster system. It pulls the poor signals from the exterior antenna and passes to the amplifier for enhancing the signals. There are different ranges of amplifiers are available in the market you can purchase it according to your needs. The ranges of amplifiers are available from 500 to 7000 sq. of covered area, which you can buy according to the quality of your exterior signals. The output unit of the amplifier is measured by dB (decibel). In general, the frequency of the network is the radio waves that work within a specific standard in the spectrum of radio. The enhanced signals of the amplifier are dependent on its dB value. The instant boost of signals is not guaranteed by the amplifier because it depends on several factors like distance from the cellular tower etc.  The interior antenna is used to again broadcast the improved signals at that place where the signal booster is used. It is the third important component. It comes into two varieties, one is a panel antenna and the other is dome antenna. Panel-antenna usually mounted on the wall and tends to broadcast again the strong signal, the area close to it. Dome antenna is usually mounted with ceiling inside the home.